Find the Good and the Positive

Sometimes in life it is really easy to put a lot of focus on the bad and negative stuff. I, personally, have been stressing over money. Which is dumb because I just paid off a student loan and I’m currently not making a car payment. But I still stress about how little I make compared to when I worked in the hospital. It is much more difficult to always find a positive. One of my favorite vlogers always says, “happiness is a choice” and I couldn’t agree more. Some days you just have to force a smile on your face and find a positive thought to put your focus on.

I found this picture on my phone, it’s from about 9 months ago, and I can vividly remember taking it in the locker room at work. I was SO excited that for the first time in an extremely long time I could see my clavicles. That, most likely, sounds silly. But for someone who has been overweight since the third grade this was a big deal for me and brought me so much happiness! Choosing to be healthy isn’t always easy but it has been so worth it. On hard days I like to scroll through old pictures to help remind myself how great my life is. I choose to find happiness.

So, when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or you’re having a crappy day stop and find three things that make you happy, that you are thankful for, and/or that are positive in your life. Choose happiness over negative thoughts. Force those negative thoughts out and if you have to, force a smile on your face. Just changing your mindset can turn your entire day around and eventually you’ll find that it’s easier to choose happiness and easier to let go of the negativity.


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